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installation of wood floors

In store for brand-new, high-gloss, shiny hardwood floors or if you prefer, natural finish (satin/matte)? This is what Century Custom Hardwood Floors can offer you in terms of hardwood flooring. Here at Century Floors our installation process doesn’t just involve installing your new hardwood floors. No, it also involves a multitude of choices with a wide variety of combinations and options for you to choose from. Understandably, this can be confusing to an extent, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

The installation of wood floors itself is very involved and somewhat complex. There are many minute details that can derail the entire installation if they are not treated and handled with expertise and care. That’s why our floor technicians who handle this service are our installation specialists, exclusively installing hardwood floors for many years.

In order for you to better understand this process as well as what your money buys, we’ve compiled a brief, but detailed, overview of what an installation of wood floors entails.

After all of the paperwork and financial aspects have been taken care of, our estimator will meet with you once more and have you choose (if you have not already chosen) the specie of wood, the type of wood, and its finish. As you may know, we offer over 40 different species of wood in solid, engineered, or laminate, coming in either pre-finished or unfinished. After you’ve chosen the combination of options that you prefer, all of the furnishings in your property that might be in the way will have to be removed temporarily. Once everything is moved out of the way, your previous floors will be stripped and completely removed. No trace of them will be left after the installation. Depending on the floor you’ve chosen, along with any bonus services like soundproofing, your sub-flooring is revised and may be removed as well. If it is removed, new sub-flooring will be installed, and treated with various properly handled chemicals to increase stability and durability. The main floor is now installed and fitted, either with nails, glue or staples. This depends on the flooring and the sub-flooring. Some floors are also compatible with heated components, for heated hardwood flooring. Next the floor is treated with a wide variety of chemicals that will ensure that it does not damage easily and will last a long time. Afterwards the flooring is treated with various sealants to preserve its condition, and it will be stained at this time if it is unfinished. It will then be buffed to evenly distribute the staining and the protective coating. After some time to dry and absorb everything, the floors are completely safe to walk on, with no reside left on them, harmful or otherwise.

If this process left you slightly confused or curious, we here at Century Floors would be more than happy to speak with you or refer you to one of our experts to answer any and all questions you may have on installation or any other process, be it hardwood refinishing or hardwood buffing. Call us today from Altadena, Burbank, Woodland Hills or any SoCal location. You won’t regret it.

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