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Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Staining

As owners of hardwood flooring, you know better than anyone that they do in fact degrade over time, depending on the wear and traffic on your floors. Not to worry, however, because Century Custom Hardwood Floors has got our back in this matter. Our custom hardwood floor refinishing process is renowned region-wide for its ability to restore your floors to their former glory, and all at a fraction of the price of a full a new installation!

Just as the installation of wood floors was explained, we’ll try to explain what happens in a hardwood refinishing. It is somewhat similar, but instead of a new floor, it works with an existing floor. Here is a brief, but accurate view of what really happens during this process.

Your previous floors are examined by eye and with various sophisticated examination equipment to determine the amount of wear and damage present on all areas of the floor. This step is crucial because it dictates the amount of equipment and chemicals to use. If the amount of damage is not measured properly, then it can adversely affect the hardwood floor refinishing process. However, here at Century Floors, we have always guaranteed 100% satisfaction. After the floors are surveyed, they are sanded down at least once. The amount of sandings the floors will receive is entirely dependent upon the extent of wear on the floors. The more worn out the hardwood floor is, the more work it will require to restore.

After the final sanding phase has been done, the floor is treated with a large variety of properly handled chemicals and substances. Proper handling is essential not only for the quality of the work, but the safety of our floor technicians. That is why we are accredited by the National Wood Flooring Association. Since we follow all of the rules and guidelines, every one of our projects has been injury free and no damage is ever done to your property. The floor is treated over several sessions, so that the floor can evenly absorb all of the chemicals. When the floor is done absorbing everything, it then has its finishes applied to it. The finish is entirely your choice, it can remain how it once was, or it can be modified to retain another color. It’s gloss level will also have to be chosen, either with high-gloss, semi-gloss or matte & satin levels of shine. Once the finishing coat is applied, it is treated again with the same chemicals it was treated with before the finish was applied. This is done so that the floors and the finish can be protected from future wear and damage, and so, help them last longer in better condition. Once it is treated again, the floor is cleaned and buffed, so as to evenly distribute all of the finish and sealants. When it dries, it is perfectly safe to walk on them.

Understandably, this can be a little difficult to take in all at once, but here at Century Floors we will guide you step by step in everything from start to semi-gloss finish. Have us work on your Beverly Hills mansion, your Studio City apartment or your Burbank office, you won’t regret it.

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