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Hardwood Floors 101: An Introduction

Floorology: An Introduction

Although by now, anyone can become in expert in almost anything due to the internet, some subjects are more difficult than others. This includes wood flooring, you know, the type of floors fancier homes have. Now, though, with the advent of various technologies and reduced costs, everyone can enjoy having luxurious wood floors in their home or office. The main topic of this series of articles titled “Floorology” comes to you from Century Custom Hardwood Floors, and is a comprehensive overview on everything we’ve learned in our 25+ years of serving Los Angeles County and the rest of SoCal.

What can you take away from this?

IF ever you had any doubts on anything, even the smallest detail, abouth wood flooring, here is where we’ll calm your doubts. Our goal of these sessions is to make you knowledgeable about every aspect of hardwood floors you can think of. From the type of wood to the shiny finish, we’ll make you an expert yet. This series of articles will rewrite everything previously written by us, including guides, tips, and reviews for any other article we’ve ever written.

Why is this necessary?

Like many of our clients, most people don’t know enough to accurately describe or judge hardwood floors. Many also don’t really know what goes into a wood floor, and the process used to make it or install it. For that matter, most people don’t even know the very basics about wood floors. We’re here to remedy that. Every possible thing we can think of will be touched upon in this series. Even if we miss something, we encourage your feedback as to the quality of these articles as well as suggestions or questions for the articles themselves. Here at Century Floors we respect our clients, their time, and we know that you know that. That’s why we have an A+ rating by the BBB, because we’ve built up our reputation for excellent client service and perfect flooring results on every single project we have the pleasure of working on. Not only are certified on the client side, but our technical know-how is accredited by our NWFA certification. That’s right, we bring the whole package when it comes to your floor. These are our qualifications for this series of articles, and you can rest assured they’re not just made-up mumbo-jumbo.

A little more about Century Custom Hardwood Floors

As we’ve said earlier, we’re a hardwood flooring company that’s been proudly serving the region for 25 years, and we’re still going strong. We employ flooring technicians that are seasoned professionals and experts in their own right, with years of wood flooring experience under their belts. We’ve worked with various clients, on a variety of projects. From homeowners to contractor firms, we’ve done and seen it all. Don’t let this put you off though. If at any time you feel the need to call us or send us an e-mail regarding us, our writing or our services, please feel free to do so. Our firndly office staff would be more than happy to answer any questions or even set you up with an estimate. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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