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Going Green with Sustainable Flooring That is Eco-Friendly

There are a great many things that can possibly have an adverse effect on the environment. The subsequent “green” movement was started on order for those same things to have no, or a lessened effect on the environment. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort-friendly and luxury for eco-friendly. Here at Century Custom Hardwood Floors, we have a line of hardwood floors that are EPA-approved and eco-friendly. Now you can go green with your floors without losing green in your wallet. We recognize the importance of maintaining and preserving the environment’s natural ecosystem, so that’s why we’ve partnered up with our local distributor in order to bring green flooring to our clients. And one of the best parts? Green flooring costs no more than its counterpart flooring. There is no price difference between “green” white oak and regular white oak.  More about going-green with your next hardwood floors Installation to come!

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