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Floor Buffing or Cleaning is the Faster and More Affordable Alternative to Hardwood Refinishing in Los Angeles…

basketball court wood floor cleaning Floor Buffing or Cleaning is the Faster and More Affordable Alternative to Hardwood Refinishing in Los Angeles...

During the course of your floors lifespan, sometimes you may wish to have it shine like it used to. Of course, it may not be damaged or worn much, with some light scratching or slight wear in one place or two.

You don’t want to pay for another floor and installation, but you don’t want the cost of a refinishing either. That’s where Century’s custom hardwood floor buffing or cleaning service comes in. Buffing will allow us to repair very light damage to your floors as well as make them shine brighter than a diamond. The hardwood floor buffing or cleaning process itself is not nearly complicated or involved as an installation or a refinishing, but it does require and even steadier hand than the other two due to the fact that an improper or heavy buffing can actually irreparably damage your floors if done by an inexperienced individual. With Century Floors, you can rest assured knowing that your buffing or cleaning will make your floors better, not make them worse. The few steps in buffing a hardwood floor are very easy to mess up. If you ride the buffer too much, or apply lots of pressure, the buffer will erode the top and middle layers of your hardwood floors, and require major repairs, or even a new installation.

While it may not seem worthwhile to have your hardwood floors buffed, the exact opposite is true. With proper regular maintenance and floor buffing or cleaning every few months will drastically increase the lifespan of your floors because a buff not only cleans your floors, but also protects them from future damage. That’s right, when we buff your floors, we apply sealants and protective agents in several coatings so as to preserve the new condition of your floor for a lot longer. The amount of polyurethane coats depends on you, but even just one will be of great help for several years to come.

Professional floor buffing is the cheaper & quicker alternative!

One of the best aspects of buffing or cleaning as well is the cost and the time it takes to buff. Floor buffing is our least costly customized wood flooring service, being that buffings do not require much material or equipment. Not only is it cheap, buffing is an incredibly fast process. We do buffing quickly, but we also do them correctly. The average floor buffing or cleaning project will only take about a day, sometime even less.  A more indepth and costlier alternative to buffing or cleaning would be an actual refinishing of the floor.  The hardwood floor refinishing process not only takes longer but also involves several phases.  The difference between floor buffing and hardwood refinishing is basically that in the refinishing process we sand down the floor’s top layer and expose a newer one.  We coat it, allow it to cure and repeat the process two more times.

Overall, buffing or cleaning your hardwood floors is one of the most worthwhile maintenance investments you can make, not only for the aesthetic aspects but for the financial ones as well. Even if you have an incredibly rare and expensive species of wood as your hardwood flooring, that’s not a problem. Buffing can be done on any floor, regardless of type or age. Even laminate floors can be buffed, and they aren’t even real wood.

So if you’re anywhere in Southern California, whether it’s Studio City, Tarzana, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Irvine or Long Beach, contact Century Floors for all of your hardwood flooring needs, be they installation, refinishing and the proverbial buffing or cleaning . Call us today or send us an e-mail. You get what you pay for, and you pay for the best with Century. You won’t regret it.   Call us today at (310) 276-6407 or (800) 608-6007 to schedule your free estimate!

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